New Membership: GCCIR joins Tatawaw


We are thrilled to announce that the German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research is now a member of Tatawaw.

Tatawaw is an opportunity for businesses and non-profits to rediscover an ancient tradition of welcoming. Edmonton has a long history of welcoming diverse cultures to trade, share stories, and celebrate the bounty of the land. For thousands of years the Plains Cree described this tradition, the spirit of welcoming, as “tatawaw” meaning “there is room for you, welcome.”

Tatawaw does this through organizing a teaching roundtable for organizations. These roundtables provide a supportive, open place to learn about the indigenous roots of welcoming and how we all can build on that knowledge to improve organizational or corporate culture and day-to-day operations. The result is an ongoing positive shift in perspective about the spaces we hold and make.

The GCCIR is excited to join Tatawaw’s movement to make Canada what it was always meant to be: a welcoming and safe home for all.

For more information about Tatawaw, please visit

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